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Industrial Surquillo S.A.C was founded in 1943 as a family business dedicated to the manufacturing of chemical products.


Our founder’s love for hunting and the difficulties he encountered to obtain ammunition cartridges due to the lack of imports during the Second World War encouraged him to start producing handcrafted lead shot for his own use. His group of hunting friends started to demand the supply of shot that allowed them to recharge their cartridges to continue with their hobby. Therefore, in 1947 the manufacturing of shots grew and the company left behind other industrial activities and began to give more importance to improving the quality of the shot and increasing their productivity.

The manufacturing of other lead products came as a natural consequence of the main activity, such as the production of lead joints for underground installations of electrical and telephone cables, lead sheets, shot for air rifles, pipes, etc.

Currently, Industrial Surquillo SAC is still in the hands of our family after 70 years, offering high quality products and always taking into account the environmental care.